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Starting An Employment Agency

Starting An  Employment Agency – An employment agency can be started with the aim of making a profit. There are moments of high employment where people seek for available jobs. In cases when the employment rates fall, the employers may need some help in finding people to occupy the open positions.

Starting an employment agency can be challenging. It is important to have more information about it before committing to attempt.  The best tools must be implemented to ensure that the business is well organized and ready to achieve its objectives. The following are basics that can be essential when starting an employment agency.

It is important to have a proper calculation of the finances that can be used to set up the agency. The capital should be enough to set up a complete employment agency.  For the startup capital, the business administrator can be consulted. They may not loan money for starting the agency, but they can give proper directions towards achieving the main objectives of the agency. Research can be done on other similar organizations to find out the capital they invested in order to come up with the actual amount of capital to start the agency.

Before starting the organization, it is important to find out about legalities required to be put in place.  This will avoid future troubles that might arise when the agency is in it working state. It can include the business license.

The employment agency office must be located in the most convenient place. This is to ensure that the applicants can be accessible to it. The land also should not be very expensive for the business.

When it comes to marketing the following should be may be put into consideration.

There are some organizations that can be very helpful in creating awareness of the agency. The local chamber of commerce is a good example of the organizations. It will ensure that people know that there is a new employment agency operating.

Newspapers are aiding tools for marketing the employment agency. The newspapers in most cases draw people looking for job opportunities.  As a result, they get to know about the existence of the agency.

It is important to know some of the mistakes that can come on the way when starting an employment agency in order to develop a mechanism to counteract them. The following are some of the possible mistakes.

Improper market research
This is a major reason that can make the business fail. It is necessary to research the market well before making any conclusions. Google and trade magazines can be useful sources of information. The top performing companies in most cases appears on the first page. Comparing many of the top performing companies can lead to the formulation of better ideas for the success of the organization.

Starting an employment agency needs a proper marketing plan.  This doesn’t have to be a long drawn document that covers all the details. It only requires that all key elements are not left out. The key elements may include the services offered and the approach used.

Starting an employment agency benefits job seekers to secure job opportunities available. It is important to know that a reliable agency will always work to ensure that a job seeker find a suitable job position.

Employment Agencies

Are Employment Agencies Ideal When Looking For A Job?

Are Employment Agencies Ideal When Looking For A Job? The majority of individuals are affected by these economic issues that arise. Merchandise get more expensive, gas, food, and even utility bills just shoot up, but at the same time, not everyone is employed. It’s either they freshly graduated from college, or just got laid off from work, it seems like finding their next employment is impossible, or made more difficult when the majority of companies that you know of are no longer in need of additional staff.

While it may seem impossible to find a job that will suit you, or at least find a company that needs your expertise, it doesn’t mean that you can’t land your next employment. There are numerous employment agencies which are more than happy to help you find your dream position.

There are some misconceptions about employment firms or agencies. These agencies do not work for job seekers. Instead, they work for employers, who are seeking their help in finding the right person fit for the job. When employers seek the service of an employment agency, they would usually give out the job description, as well as qualifications, and the agency would then be the one screen applicants’ resumes, conduct interviews and pre-qualify them on behalf of the employer.

While you’re not directly dealing with the employer, these types of agencies make a perfect source of jobs to apply to since they have access to most available positions. One of the advantages of choosing employment agencies is that you’re free to check a number of available positions hiring for different companies, allowing you to choose and at least decide on which job openings you’d like to apply for.

There are different benefits of choosing an employment agency as compared to hunting for jobs on your own. An agency has the contacts – this means that you can actually go over their list of clients and be able to find a job position that you think would fit you best. In addition to which, you don’t need to look for jobs from different places.

If, in case, you’ve applied for a position and unfortunately you weren’t chosen, the agency can still and will still contact you in case they find a job that matches your expertise and skills. This is another benefit that you can benefit from by opting to process your application and job hunting efforts with an employment agency.

It’s not just the job seeker who benefits from recruitment agencies – these are also beneficial for employers. They won’t have to do the screening, interviews and all the daunting tasks that one has to go through when it comes to recruitment. We know that screening applicants, scheduling them for an interview and conducting the internet can be time-consuming. This doesn’t include short-listing candidates you’ve already candidate so you can filter your list even further. Employers can concentrate on something better – on something that they know they do best, while they entrust the recruitment tasks to an employment agency.

Temp Employment Firm

Temp Employment Firm: How To Find One

Temp Employment Firms: How To Find One – Picking the right recruitment agency is never an easy task, but it can be even more important if you are looking for a temp. The nature of temping means that you often need a worker who will pick up the necessary skills for the role quickly, as you do not want to waste resources on training a non-permanent member of staff. Here are some tips for selecting temp employment firms which will be able to provide you with the right workers for your needs.

Think About What You Want

You will stand a better chance of finding the perfect recruitment firm if you are very clear on what you need them to provide. This is because there can be differences between what temp employment firms offer. For example, some almost exclusively deal with filling temporary administrative roles (in instances such as maternity cover), while others have a portfolio of highly specialized workers who are needed for short term contracts.

Do A Local Search

Once you know whether you primarily need a firm which deals in specialist contracts or cases such as sick cover, start your search. This is easy to do online as the search results can be refined by geographic location. Often it is best to narrow your search further by selecting only temp employment firms which specialize in your industry.

Check The Experience Of The Recruitment Firms

It is always worth investing a little time in researching a prospective recruitment firm. This means checking their specialist areas of expertise and their policies, but it is also essential that you look at factors such as reputation and experience.

Information such as how long a company has been established is normally readily available online. You should also ask for a list of previous clients so that you can obtain references. Being able to provide numerous referees, particularly if the clients are well known and reputable companies, is generally a good sign.

Assess Their Professionalism

Once you are in contact with an agency and have started to gather information such as their previous clients and their policies, you should start thinking about how professional the firm seems in their dealings. To build a successful relationship with a recruitment agency, it is essential that there is excellent communication.

Be very wary if they are slow to respond to your queries, rush your conversations or seem to make promises they cannot possibly deliver on. This could be a sign that they will not listen to what you need from your temps, or that the agency will be inadequate when dealing with any issues.

Ask For Their Prices

You should always ask for a price list from several agencies before making your decision, in order to get a reliable idea of the market value. Charging significantly less than the market value should be a red flag, but you should also be wary of firms which seem to charge extortionate rates.

A great employment agency can provide you with the right workers. Always take the time to select a reputable firm.

Temp Agency

How Can a Temp Agency Help Your Business?

How Can a Temp Agency Help Your Business? – Using a temp agency can help to minimize employment costs and help your company out of various types of scrapes and issues. It will very often consist of nothing more than making a last minute desperate telephone call for someone to fill an absent space or provide help in a crisis situation.


Although this is the sum total of many companies experience with staffing agencies, taking a more strategic approach to them could be extremely beneficial for your business. Not only can they help to minimize your costs but also give you the opportunity to find temporary staff that are very productive for specific jobs.


How Are Temps Used
Temporary employees are usually used in order to address general fluctuations in the workload of a company. This allows the company to save money by keeping staffing levels at a minimum and using workers from a temp agency to handle any excess work. This could include time sensitive orders, unexpected orders or something like large mailings.
Temp agencies are also frequently used to fill positions which are temporarily vacant which means that the company does not have to share the additional workload among its full time employees, shuffling job responsibilities etc until a replacement has been found.

Temping agencies also provide a good source of permanent employees for some companies.  New openings within a company may be filled by temporary workers so that any person who shines and proves that they are a good candidate for the job on a permanent basis can be offered this type of position.


Positions Most Commonly Filled With Temps
Although things have changed significantly over the last few years, the largest work sector for temporary staff is still in office and clerical positions. These positions include general office clerks, administrative assistants, receptionists, filing clerks, typists, data entry clerks, word processor operators and cashiers.

Industrial work also makes up a large proportion of all temporary agency placements. This includes things like assembly line work as well as shipping and receiving goods.
The number of temporary workers in the technical sector has also grown considerably over the last few years. This includes positions which involve computer programming, analysts and engineers as well as sales and marketing staff and management positions as well as legal and accounting staff. This category is growing quickly with an increasing number of temps needed which have been specially trained for this type of work. They are proving to be a very important resource for lots of firms.


Pricing Structure
Most temp agencies charge an hourly rate which is slightly higher than the hourly rate of a normal worker. This could be anywhere from $10 up to $18 per hour for basic work rising to more than $30 per hour for specialist positions. Any firm which uses a temping agency on a regular basis may be eligible for discounted rates. You should always ask for a discount at any rate just to be sure.

Using temporary workers from these agencies can give any type of business a real boost and prove to be a very profitable employment strategy.

Temp Agencies

The Advantages of Hiring from a Temp Agencies

The Advantages of Hiring from a Temp Agencies – Temporary employees can play a very important role in business providing a boost in the work force when there is a temporary glut of orders. There are many advantages to using temp agencies and employees to cater for your additional needs. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Pros of Hiring Temporary Employees
Temps can help a business to adjust very quickly to additional workforce needs as the workload fluctuates. Some temp agencies can provide qualified staff which can get up to speed quickly. A few of the most popular reasons to use temps include:
* Employee absences – including vacation cover, illness, disability or maternity leave, sudden departures etc.
* An unexpected temporary demand in your product or service – including seasonal peaks, special projects and periods of employee shortages

Flexibility is the key when it comes to hiring temporary workers from this type of agency. It is important for employees to have the right number of workers to get through the work load efficiently in order to maintain profitability in their business. Employing temporary workers is just one quick and easy way to increase output as and when required.
Companies are turning to temporary workers more and more as the general workforce mix is increasingly becoming a combination of temporary and permanent workers. This helps to create a work place which is more efficient, a flexible job market and increased opportunities for both the employees and the employers.

The bottom line is that increased productivity and profitability can help to increase job security for all workers. Employing temporary workers also gives the employer a terrific opportunity to evaluate each member of the work force in action. If a full time position opens up within the business the employer may have a pool of workers who are ready and willing to fill that position. Some businesses actually furnish their entire work force in this way as a very cost effective means of evaluating the workers before giving them a full time contract.

Some companies will continually hire a good worker on a temporary basis to benefit their productivity. On the flip side if any temporary worker is not up to scratch they can simply inform the temping agency and they won’t ever have to use them again. Of course the workers know this as well as the employers which is a good incentive for them to work as hard and as well as they possibly can in order to gain future employment – whether on a temporary or permanent basis. Many of them will be out to impress which is always a good thing.

If you use the same staffing agency over an extensive period of time you will be able to build up a good working relationship whereby they’ll understand exactly what your needs are and the types of worker to fill them. This can be a real bonus when you need staffing in a hurry or someone with a particular and perhaps unusual set of skills and experience.